Love Is All You Need

Posted on Aug 7, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Good morning everyone, Francesca here! Today I want to show a card for lovers! One thing that I love of the accent pack is this mood, sophisticated but at the same time a little pop that makes any project full of charisma.

Love Card- Francesca Biancon

Love Card- Francesca Biancon

Love Card- Francesca Biancon

Love Card- Francesca Biancon
This card is very simple but I love the bronze touches that give light to the whole composition. Maybe the photo is not clear but seem golden spatters! I used the fantastic Noir Accent Pack to do this project.

To realize the envelope I used my favorite model, which you can find here for the tutorial. I cut with a frame die a white cardstock.

Products Used:

Paper House ColorWays Noir Accent Pack
White Cardstock
Frame Diecut
Gold Ink


1. Glue on the envelope centrally the black polka dots card

2. Glue the white cardstock with double-sided craft foam tape

3. Glue in the "window" the card "love is all you need" with double-sided craft foam tape

4. On the left I added the key and the little heart; I cut two Glitter foammy hearts and I glued the small wooden hanger dress.

The card is rather simple, made with white cardstoack and a black glitter sentiment: I like the make up rule: only lips close up or only eyes close up....for me is true for scrapbooking too!!

Paper House - Francesca Biancon

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